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About me

My name is Graham Honeywill. I am a Personal Growth Coach, a certified Life Coach and Mentor. I have been life coaching since 2014, located in Finland and providing coaching services across the globe.

My name is Graham Honeywill. I am a Personal Growth Coach, a certified Life Coach and Mentor. I have been life coaching since 2014, located in Finland and providing coaching services across the globe.

My coaching and mentoring services are supported by over 45 years of experience in corporate life, across multiple continents, participating, leading and steering in major change initiatives.

My why? To help people to live purposeful lives, enabling personal transformations and empowerment.

My “purpose” is to empower you to live a purposeful life - to become your “best self”,  to help you grow, fulfil your dreams and find your true vocation in the world, now and for the future.​


How did I discover Life Coaching?

My life changed in March 2014. I had been invited to attend a life coaching course, arranged by the Growthroom Cooperative – a boutique coaching and training house located in Helsinki, Finland. The training would take place over 2 very long weekends in March 2014, and I thought, “why not?” – I hadn’t had any personal or professional development training since I started my own business 5 years earlier and I decided this would be an interesting way to fill that gap.

Over those 2 weekends I learned how it is to be coached and how to coach. I discovered some tools and techniques to help me understand myself, to set goals for my life and achieve those goals. I started on a journey towards a purposeful life. 

A bit late in life, at 61 years old but hey, better late than never!


Fast forward to January 2023 … I’ve been coaching now for 9 years with a slow but steady growth in clients, and I’m learning more every day. Each coaching discussion is unique, each client is unique, and the power of Life Coaching continues to surprise me every day.

What makes me light up?​

We live in a time of unprecedented change!


On the one hand, we experience crises such as the Coronavirus pandemic, recent bushfires in Australia, and earlier fires in Spain, Greece and California. Then we have emerging crises such as those from climate change, ocean pollution and land degradation. And finally, topics such as global poverty, hunger, clean water and health, where the situation is improving but still with a long way to go. 


On the other hand, we have emerging technologies such as plastics from wood, 3D printed body parts, flying cars and free solar energy, fuelled by ever more powerful computing power, artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, blockchain technologies, robotics, Augmented/Virtual Reality, 3D printing and the ability to measure almost anything.

  • How to match the abundance of exponentially accelerating technologies with the critical needs of our planet and societies?

  • How to facilitate the massive changes to society that we are starting to see already with the CoronaVirus lockdowns?

  • Who’s job it is? All of us! We are all in this together. 

My life coaching, mentoring and facilitation skills can help you find your own place in this world of unprecedented change.

How would you describe yourself as a coach, mentor and facilitator?

As your "thinking partner" I will guide you through a coaching process to help you discover your "roots" and to support and encourage your personal growth. My coaching and mentoring style is built on a simple premise that "you know what you want and need", and that my job is to help you unlock and apply this knowledge.

My coaching style is a blend of "reflective inquiry" combined with a deep knowledge of life coaching tools and techniques that will guide you to find and develop your "roots"; to nurture a growth mindset and to live a purposeful life. 

With almost a lifetime of work and life experiences behind me, I am in a relatively unique position to become the guide and thinking partner you need now to empower your life and impact the future!

What do colleagues say about me?

“Graham is a true professional with an eye for detail, but at the same time never forgetting the broad picture. His ability to listen and to serve customers is something to envy and something we all could learn from. Graham is a natural coach, a great listener and skilled at knowing the right questions to ask.”

What is it like to work with me?

I'm on a continuous learning journey - and you are too. I don't have the answers but I do have some questions (after all, I am a life coach!).

  • I am an experienced leader, business mentor and facilitator

  • l am an expert in change management, managing projects and programs, working within organisations and between service providers to deliver results.

  • I have worked in large and small organisations across multiple industries, in different cultures, both B2B and B2C. 

  • I work hard, I work smartly. I am creative. I listen. I am patient. 

  • l love technology and making it work. l am a geek.

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