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The Augmented coaching approach

Empowering personal growth through action, optionally augmented through technology.

Introducing the Amberbuzz Personal Growth Process and toolboxes.

Coaching is a process that aims to develop, challenge, support and empower people to reach their full potential, personally and professionally, in a sustainable manner, through the use of questions! (Growthroom International Coaching certification manual)

Augmentation is the process of increasing the size, value, or quality of something by adding to it (Cambridge dictionary).

I have created two "toolboxes", built from extensive research over the past 3 years, to optionally augment your coaching experience with exercises and tools that support your personal growth coaching goals.

The Pivot toolbox is a guided or self-guided set of exercises to help you discover your roots, your inner self and to set development goals.

The Growth toolbox is a collection of tools and exercises to help you plan projects to achieve these goals while developing your self-coaching skills.

These toolboxes are designed to enhance the coaching process but are completely optional.

The two toolboxes are an integrated database of exercises designed to support your personal growth process.

The process is made up of three phases (see below):

  • Roots (the Pivot toolbox), supporting the process steps to help you discover who you are, your values, strengths, skills and life. To do this, the toolbox integrates three concepts:

    • The ROSA coaching process: reality, objective, solutions, action

    • The Design your Life process 

    • Ikigai for life purpose

  • Grow (part 1 of the Growth toolbox) - supporting the process steps to support personal growth: the goals, objectives, actions, rituals and learning goals supporting your growth mindset.   The underlying process inside the grow section is the GROW coaching process: goal, reality, options, will.

  • Life  (part 2 of the Growth toolbox) - supporting the processes and steps to live a purposeful life. The core process in this phase is the bullet list journal process which is itself based on the Deming PDCA process (Plan, Do, Check, Act), but it is tightly integrated with the “action” phase or ROSA and the “will” phase of the GROW process.

Augmented personal growth process

The Pivot Toolbox is part of an integrated database of exercises designed to support your personal development. 

The toolbox is designed to help you self-coach or in a coaching dialogue with a Life Coach.


The processes and steps are tightly interconnected through a database that drives this toolbox, coupled with a chatbot (”called Coachbot”) that presents the exercises as steps in scenarios.


The first of these is the “Life balance scenario” because understanding your life balance is central to all the other scenarios. The remaining scenarios are based on a self-assessment questionnaire that you will complete after this first scenario.

If you want to see more, I have created a "play" version of the Pivot Toolbox that you can use in "play mode" (nothing you enter is saved). 


Check it out here.

Note for mobile device visitors: This app doesn't work so well in mobile view - I recommend you visit the site from a desktop browser to try out the app!

The Growth toolbox is a personal project management system built on a combination of best practice coaching and business management principles, that you can apply to your personal goals and objectives.

It connects automatically with your Pivot toolbox and will be pre-filled with the goals, objectives and tasks you created there as a starting point for your personal project management system for a purposeful life.

Unlike the Pivot toolbox (where the exercises are managed and delivered to you by means of a “Coachbot” chat), the exercises here are available for you to select as you need them...

The exercises in the Grow section help you to convert goals and objectives into projects, and to create the tasks, rituals and learning activities that you need to achieve these goals and objectives.

The exercises in the Live section help you to record and track your progress towards these goals.

The exercises in the Coach section help you to self-coach along the way.

The personal balanced scorecard, (based loosely on the Balanced Scorecard concept of Kaplan and Norton), is designed to help you navigate through the projects, OKRs, KPIs, tasks, rituals and learning activities and goals that you have documented. Click on the items inside the cards to open and review any element of the Growth toolbox.

The controls and alerts sections are where you go to access, manage and create the projects, OKRs, KPIs, tasks, rituals and learning activities and goals that form part of your growth goals. 

Alerts will trigger automatically to guide you to the actions you should attend to today. Then use the controls to navigate to the activities and exercises.

Together, the Growth toolbox and Pivot toolbox will guide you through an interconnected self-coaching journey from self-discovery to purposeful living.

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