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At one point in my career, I was looking to define my purpose and identify a career path that would allow me to work in a field aligned with my purpose and my skills, and this is when I met Graham Honeywill.

I had worked with several coaches before and Graham was able to help me bring it all together and define from within my Life Purpose.

Graham used the Ikagai method as a framework for our work together. He gave me some preparatory work to do ahead of our sessions and then during our calls he geared the discussion in a way to allow me to find the answers to my questions in a very natural and almost obvious way.

The experience was enlightening and powerful. Graham has many qualities useful for efficiently coaching. He has a significant and long corporate experience, he is not only a great listener, but he is also aware and up to date of the latest strategies and developments of relevant industry champions.

He always connects your life experience and questions with those industry champions to make you see the overall picture while keeping the details in mind.

Graham has a noncommercial approach to his coaching activity and he does not put any pressure to try to impose a number of coaching sessions. In addition, he is very generous with his time and for my sessions we always went beyond the pre-agreed session length to deepened and complete the discussion.

I highly recommend working with Graham to assist you in finding your life purpose and to answer the questions we all ask ourselves at one point in our career and our life. Graham can really have a long-lasting positive impact on your personal growth and development.


Global Business Leader

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