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Augmented personal growth coaching

Are you at a pivot point in your life? 

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Jenny Blake, in her book "Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One", defines a pivot point as "a change you make of your own volition when you have reached a point in your career when you are ready for increased challenge and impact."

Take a moment to reflect on your life and consider your past pivot moments. In the words of Jenny Blake "I encourage you to reflect on your work history and connect the dots looking backward to see how you have already pivoted from one related area to the next. It is likely that, before even reading this book, many of these concepts will be things you have unknowingly applied in your own career. (Blake, Jenny. Pivot (p. 11)).

Consider when you left school or University; that mid-life crisis where you questioned what you were doing with your life; the day you retired and wondered how to fill the second half of your life.  Now consider your life as it is now... have you arrived at a new pivot point?

The starting point of the Amberbuzz Personal Growth process, the "roots" phase, contains the steps you need for a structured approach to your next pivot.

Augmented personal growth coaching

The Berkeley Wellbeing Institute describes the personal growth process as developing new skills, attitudes, actions, or reactions that can positively impact your life and increase your overall well-being. 

The Amberbuzz Personal Growth Process, built from extensive research over the past 3 years, has been developed to augment your coaching experience with exercises and tools that support your personal growth coaching goals.

The process is supported by two "Toolboxes", designed to f help you discover who you are (The Pivot toolbox), and then to plan and complete projects that result in your personal growth (the Growth toolbox).

The Pivot toolbox is a guided or self-guided set of exercises to help you discover your roots, your inner self and set development goals.

The Growth toolbox is a collection of tools and exercises to help you plan projects to achieve these goals while developing your self-coaching skills.

These toolboxes are designed to enhance the coaching process but are completely optional.

The thinking behind this process and these toolboxes is to leverage the Personal Development literature created over recent years and use the learnings from this literature to improve the effectiveness of personal growth coaching sessions, while also helping the client develop self-coaching skills that they can take with them when the coaching engagement is complete.

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My name is Graham Honeywill. I am a Personal Growth Coach, a certified Life Coach and Mentor. I have been life coaching since 2014, located in Finland and providing coaching services across the globe.

My coaching and mentoring services are supported by over 45 years of experience in corporate life, across multiple continents, participating, leading and steering in major change initiatives.

The idea of Augmented Personal Growth coaching started with a discussion, some 3 years ago... "With over 15,000 new self-help books published each year, in the US alone, how is a person supposed to know what guidance to follow, who to trust?".


With that In mind, the first version of an augmented coaching process was created some 6 months later, built around an assessment of the current literature of the time coupled with a deep understanding of the Life Coaching process.

Now, some 3 years later, I am proud to present the Amberbuzz Personal Growth Process as the cornerstone for two interactive toolboxes that guide you through the process with support from a Personal Growth Coach.

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About me



Marketing director

Graham’s life coaching sessions were a great help when I wanted to clarify my business and life goals and dreams.

The coaching made me step out of my comfort zone, and that truly is the area where the magic happens.

The tasks Graham gave me helped me in my personal change process. The sessions genuinely helped me explore my different career and life opportunities.

Graham inspired me to expand my career and life vision of what is possible and to take courageous challenges to move to the direction that I wanted.

I can warmly recommend Graham as a life coach. He’s very warm and experienced. Also he’s a very good listener.


Joasia Creative warrior, doctorate in tailoring high-end, touching events

Graham was the first person who listened and asked me fundamental questions in regards to who am I, what I want to do and what I am going to do with the rest of my life.

Now I am a step further, figuring out how to get the word around that I am available to work by recording my cello playing to most unique projects.

What Graham does, as a mentor, coach, as a friend, as an amazing human being, in Growthroom and in all of his other projects - is truly unique and it restored my faith in people.

I recommend to everyone to book a one on one coaching session with Graham.


Global Business Leader

At one point in my career, I was looking to define my purpose and identify a career path that would allow me to work in a field aligned with my purpose and my skills, and this is when I met Graham Honeywill.

I had worked with several coaches before and Graham was able to help me bring it all together and define from within my Life Purpose.

Graham used the Ikagai method as a framework for our work together. He gave me some preparatory work to do ahead of our sessions and then during our calls he geared the discussion in a way to allow me to find the answers to my questions in a very natural and almost obvious way.

The experience was enlightening and powerful. Graham has many qualities useful for efficiently coaching. He has a significant and long corporate experience, he is not only a great listener, but he is also aware and up to date of the latest strategies and developments of relevant industry champions.

He always connects your life experience and questions with those industry champions to make you see the overall picture while keeping the details in mind.

Graham has a noncommercial approach to his coaching activity and he does not put any pressure to try to impose a number of coaching sessions. In addition, he is very generous with his time and for my sessions we always went beyond the pre-agreed session length to deepened and complete the discussion.

I highly recommend working with Graham to assist you in finding your life purpose and to answer the questions we all ask ourselves at one point in our career and our life. Graham can really have a long-lasting positive impact on your personal growth and development.

How Can I Help You GROW?

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